— Tigris Li,  creative technologist & 3d motion designer

Uh Huh Honey

About This Project

The first impression most people would have when they think about Kanye West is that he is narcissistic, which may be the case, however, many disregard the artistic expression he conveys within his music. While reviving an old Spotify playlist, the lyrics “uh-huh honey” in Bound 2 by Kanye West inspired the creation of this piece. The use of white and black text to create a negative typeface works to capitalize on Kanye’s satirical (OR controversial) portrayal of a black Jesus (i.e. Yeezus) and emphasize his underlying intention to undermine stereotypical motifs in white American pop culture. On a similar note, the “Y” from Kanye’s Yeezus logo was modified to resemble a distorted cross, thereby emphasizing his opposition to the hegemonic depiction of Jesus as a white figure in popular culture. Ultimately, this piece is a play on words to the line “uh-huh honey” by having it as a fictional label or brand name for honey jars, nevertheless, I wanted to illustrate Kanye’s artistic expression in the music he creates and translate it in terms of a visual piece.

Artwork, Typography