— Tigris Li,  creative technologist & 3d motion designer

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About This Project

As technology is shaping our lives and inducing us to live in a world of big data, it inspired me to create this artwork as I wanted to reflect this evolution towards automation and artificial intelligence in conjunction with love. To that effect, this piece reflects this generation’s love not always being pure, in that, societal love conventions of the 21st century are like a game where people’s hearts are played within minutes of a song and shuffled away to the next top hit of the month. In other words, it’s about how love in my generation may be just as artificial as the technology that we are creating, being that it is filled with “fuckboys” and “fuckgirls,” also known as “players.” However, the reason why those terms are used rather than simply “players,” is due to the fact that my art is completely a result of an emergence of new linguistic terminology and popular culture, in and of itself, really led to the fruition of this piece.