— Tigris Li,  3d motion designer & creative technologist.

Life for Life – Flowers of Newborn Babies

About the Project

I conducted a small workshop and provided the means for people to sow seeds and keep the pots they planted to grow themselves. With this, there is the opportunity for a shadow curriculum in hopes that it teaches people to be more caring and nurturing.


With a programmed script connected to a thermal heat printer, I simulated real-time data of present-day live births from https://www.worldometers.info to print off the number ID of a newborn baby. This number represents a bee and is attributed to a specific type of flower seed that people will sow. The flowers people grow are rich in nectar and pollen which will help bees fight against pesticides and diseases. As they pollinate 70% of our delicious fruits and vegetables, by growing a flower, people can help create a nurturing environment for bees and the numerous other lives that depend on their wellbeing.


By associating a newborn baby – it was with the intention of implementing an anthropomorphic factor that was similar to my experience. By giving people a characteristic they could empathize with, it would heighten their ‘caring and nurturing’ abilities.


I think by connecting this project to a greater worldwide cause and issue, particularly in the wake of climate change – it provides a deeper context for us to come together. Not only to care for our shared world but to nurture it for the generations that come after us.