— Tigris Li,  creative technologist & 3d motion designer

Encrypt your Voice into a Melodic Postcard

About this Project

This interactive encrypts people’s voices and speech into music notes through a coded algorithmic composition (in P5.js) which is then formatted for the music score of a music crank box. A blueprint of the holes are marked and then punched out to play a melody once fed in the music box to play the cryptographic melody of their message. This music score not only allows music to be played on a ‘postcard’ but also leaves room for a message to be written on it.


Wanting to emulate this sentimental touch and amalgamate it with music and sound – I was interested in how we could capture conversations and these moments in time that we share with people by exercising our other senses beyond our eyes. Particularly as in musical communication, the ‘listener’ is an active participant in deciphering and creating meaning, as much as the composer is an active participant in creating the music.