— Tigris Li,  creative technologist & 3d motion designer

Emotional Pheromones

About This Project


Emotional Pheromones takes the concept of love to develop a multi-sensory form of communication to enhance our emotional intelligence through scent, by merging emotional and biometric data.


Adopting the idea of diffusing ‘emotional pheromones,’ this is designed for couples to increase their emotional awareness in their home environment.


The two candles burning are a representation of the two individuals in their relationship over time. With a panel of emotions that they can select from, an associated scent to the selected emotion will be diffused. However, if any negative emotions are diffused then it triggers the fan that threatens to blow out the candles. This fan can only be stopped when two heartbeats are connected to the unit. Thus making the device a place of union that acts as a prompt for face-to-face communication.